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​Landscape Design and architecture studio

We love to create great outdoor spaces for your business, school or kindergarten because we know that a well designed outdoor space will be appreciated for years by you and the environment. 

Whether you want to develop a new Nature Play Space for your school, or wish to transform your commercial space, we can help you transcribe everything from your head to the soil. With careful consideration and communication, our Landscape Designer will work closely with you to create a plan that is suited to you and your needs. 

Landscape Construction Design_ South Australia

Initial Site Visit

  • Where we get to know you, discuss what you want and assess your environment whether it be a private residential or public Nature Play Space.
  • A design brief detailing our discussions and including the proposed process and a fee schedule specific to your site.

Concept Development

  • A scaled concept plan is created with images of ideas and hand drawn elevations of the concept.
  • This plan is given to you for feedback from your employees, children at your school or teaching community to develop a final plan.

Final Plan

  • Feedback from the concept development will formulate the final plan
  • Depending on the site, a coloured plan, a planting plan, materials list or construction plan could be developed. This is all dependent on the site and needs of you as the client.
  • No matter what the format, the final plan will be able to be quoted from.

What our spaces and our team mean to us..

“The creative and experienced team at Dirtwork Landscapes is here to help you achieve your vision. We work closely with you to interpret your ideas and develop your space into one that will be treasured by all who use it.”

~ Rachel Drummond (Lead Designer)